Unigraphics NX7 With 3D HD Visual Analysis

Siemens UGS will be launching Unigraphics NX 7.0 Software Release with 3D HD feature to provide better visual analysis. This feature will include new visual environment into Unigraphics software including Teamcenter PLM Software. Application users can easily develop and interpret the visual product data to improve their design speed and decision making. They can evaluate the product design on key factors such as release status, weight thresholds, material type, delivery status, mock up etc.

Instead of the conventional static 2D graphical format, 3DHD  promotes a higher definition visual representation of 3D data. In addition, the software will display interactive tags on screen, which when selected, will deliver more detailed information about the product or sub assembly. Part numbers, Bill of Materials (BOM), material data etc. can be integrated to the part. This eliminates the need for engineers to manually surf through other design documents.

The HD3D analytics capabilities will also be implemented in Check-mate software.

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