Unigraphics Nx Ug Nx Training In Hyderabad,india


Jytra Engineering Services is the Authorized Training Partner of leading Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software company, Siemens Industry Software. Jytra Engineering Services is the Authorized to offer various training programs on NX (formerly known as Unigraphics NX) and Solid Edge software tools in India. The program intends to expand the resource pool of skilled professionals available in the marketplace through the extended training ecosystem. Manufacturing companies are increasingly looking at software solutions like CAD, CAM, CAE, and PLM to address the challenge of turning more ideas into successful products, in turn increasing the demand for skilled resources.

Today Jytra Engineering Services is one of the best performing ATPs of Siemens Industry Software in India. We have training several people and certified them in association with Siemens Industry Software. We offer varied range of courses including advanced modules like NX Open API Programming, Knowledge Fusion, Motion Simulation, Multi-axis Techniques, other modules of NX CAM etc.

Benefits of this collaborated training program

  • Siemens Industry Software Certified Faculty
  • Training Certificates issued by Siemens Industry Software which are globally recognized
  • High quality course Manuals prepared Siemens global Educational Team
  • Genuine Software Licenses with latest released versions
  • Structured Training Methodology
  • Programmed Activities supported by Siemens resource files
  • Practical Exercises and exposure to Live Projects
  • Key focus on the application of Software features rather than mere focus on software commands and options
  • State of the art facility located at Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

Regular Training Programs on Unigraphics NX (Version NX 8.5 or earlier versions)

  • Essentials for NX Designers (TR10051-TC)
  • NX Design for the Experienced CAD User (TR13150-TC)
  • Mechanical Free Form Modeling (TR10035-TC)
  • Synchronous Modeling Fundamentals (TR10045)
  • Large Assemblies Management (TR10234)
  • Drafting Essentials (TR10100-TC)
  • Sketcher Fundamentals (TR10028-TC)
  • Knowledge Fusion for Designers (TR15130)
  • Knowledge Fusion for Programmers (TR15135)
  • Open API Programming (TR13110)
  • Motion Simulation (TR15110)

Regular Training Programs on Solid Edge (Version ST6 or earlier)

  • Solid Edge Fundamentals
  • Solid Edge Fundamentals with Synchronous Technology
  • Solid Edge Assembly
  • Solid Edge Surfacing
  • Solid Edge Sheet Metal

Special Training Programs on Unigraphics NX (Version NX 8.5 or earlier)

  • Advanced Simulation Processes (TR15020)
  • Advanced Simulation Solutions (TR15021)
  • Basic Design (TR10053-TC)
  • CAD Transition NX4 - NX6 (TR1001646E)
  • CAD Transition NX4 - NX6 (TR1001646I)
  • CAD Transition NX5 - NX6 (TR1001656T)
  • CAM Transition NX4 - NX6 (TR11015-46)
  • Designer Certified Professional (NX) (TR18010)
  • Die Structure Design (TR19020)
  • Drafting Essentials (TR10100-TC)
  • Electronic Systems Cooling (TR15028)
  • Fixed Axis Techniques (TR11065)
  • GRIP Fundamentals (TR13010)
  • I-deas to NX Transition (TR13140-TC)
  • Industrial Design using NX (TR10060)
  • Intermediate NX Design and Assemblies (TR10056-TC)
  • Knowledge Fusion for Designers (TR15130)
  • Knowledge Fusion for Programmers (TR15135)
  • Laminate Composites (TR15029)
  • Mold Wizard Design Process (TR10420)
  • Motion Simulation (TR15110)
  • NX Fixed and Multi-Axis Techniques (multi-axis CAM) (TR11050)
  • NX CAM Customization (TR11075)
  • NX Manufacturing Fundamentals (TR11021)
  • NX Sheet Metal (TR16020-TC)
  • Open API Programming (TR13110)
  • Post Building Techniques (TR11060)
  • Progressive Die Wizard (TR19010)
  • Routing Electrical (TR16030)
  • Space Systems Thermal (TR15027)
  • Synchronous Modeling and Parametric Design (TR10043)
  • Thermal and Flow Analysis (TR15025)
  • Turning Manufacturing Process.