Unigraphics NX Best Practices

Here is one of the best methods we use in Unigraphics NX software to create linked parts.


Let us take an example of Left Hand (LH) and Right Hand (RH) parts which are symmetrical and opposite to each other. In this case, instead of remodeling the opposite hand part separately, it is better to link to the original part using wave geometry linker in Unigraphics NX.


First complete the first model (either LH or RH which is desired or shown on the drawing). Then create a new part with opposite hand part number. Add the the original CAD model to the structure of new part through add component option of assemblies.


The first feature in new model has to be extracted face from original part through wave geometry linker. If no flat face or edges available, then you have to depend on datums. Instead of creating a fixed datum plane in new part, wave link an existing datum plane from original part. Again this is also through wave geometry linker option. If face is linked, then create a datum from this in new part.


However, the preference is to link the datum from original part to reduce number of features and file size. Once the datum plane is available for mirror, use wave geometry linker “mirror body” option to create the opposite hand part. Make sure you are using right plane in view of mirror plane.


This way, the opposite hand part will have 100% associativity to the original CAD model. Even if the original model is moved/rotated, the opposite hand part will update automatically.