Solid Edge ST4 Display Problem On Windows 7

If you are running Solid Edge on Windows 7 and have noticed a regression in display performance while sketching profiles, there is good news. We have discovered the reason (Thanks Ilya) and the steps you need to take to remedy the problem.


It was discovered that if the Windows 7 Schema is set to “Windows 7 Basic” theme, possibly because of the TC Rich Client Visualization requirement, and you are running Solid Edge with the default transparent PathFinder, you may experience this display degradation while sketching.


There  are two ways to avoid this problem.  If you need to run with the Windows 7 Basic theme with Solid Edge, then you can uncheck the option to display the PathFinder in the document view in the Solid Edge Options (or CTRL+double click the PathFinder top gray bar).

The second option is to change your Windows 7 Schema to something from the Aero Themes. Do this from the right mouse button menu on the desktop by selecting “personalize”.

It seems the Windows 7 Basic theme doesn''t support transparency very well. The PathFinder transparency can only work as well as Windows supports it.