Siemens PLM Software

Siemens Industry Software is the global leader in PLM Software Tools in the fields of CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM, DM etc. The brands of Siemens Industry Software include NX (formerly known as Unigraphics NX), Teamcenter Unified, Tecnomatix, Solid Edge, Femap, CAM Express, Nastran, Teamcenter Express, Imageware etc.

Velocity Series is a comprehensive family of modular yet integrated solutions addressing the PLM in the SMB (Small and Medium Business) market. Check out latest releases of

  • Solid Edge
  • Teamcenter Express
  • Femap
  • CAM Express

Solid Edge is industry leading engineering design software with exceptional capabilities of creating and managing 3D models. Solid Edge guides projects towards error free and accurate design solutions. Solid Edge modeling, assembly and drafting tools enable your design team to easily develop  full range of products. With Solid Edge, your products come together right first time, every time.

Solid Edge is the only mainstream mechanical system that merges design management capabilities with the CAD software that designers use every day. Solid Edge customers have a choice of scalable product data management solutions that manage designs as quickly as they are created. Thousands of companies around the world have come to rely on Solid Edge to battle this increasing complexity head-on.

Taking advantage of Solid Edge's family of modular and integrated solutions, they are first to benefit from the CAD program's most functional innovations, first to complete their designs, first to market with an error-free product. Thousands of companies around the world have come to rely on Solid Edge to battle this increasing complexity head-on. Solid Edge is the leading CAD software with most functional innovations and unique Synchronous Technology.


Teamcenter Express builds on its proven delivery of a pre-configured cPDM environment for small and medium sized manufacturing organizations with an updated user interface, new cost analysis tools for products and projects, enhanced integration with Microsoft Office and expanded project scheduling capabilities. Teamcenter Express is a configuration of the industry’s most widely implemented PLM solution, Teamcenter, delivering best-in-class scalability and performance, and takes advantage of the latest developments in Teamcenter.

Teamcenter Express users benefit from extensive updates to the user interface that speed the user’s learning curve and improve productivity and consistency in completing everyday tasks:

  • New Lifecycle Viewer module that consolidates visualization and markup capabilities in an easy to use interface
  • New Structure Manager module that enables visualization and management of product, document and project structures
  • Increased use of color in workflow diagrams for faster understanding of workflow status
  • Expanded reporting including Cost and Weight Analysis
  • Enhanced integration with Microsoft Office
  • Expanded Project Scheduling Capabilities and Project Cost Analysis
  • Best-in-Class (BIC) Scalability





Femap is the world’s leading Windows-based pre- and postprocessor for engineering Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Femap 10.2 also includes NX Nastran 7, the latest release of the industry standard finite element solver, fully integrated. Version 10.2 also adds a new bearing load, with extensive options to support applying radial varying loads directly to FEA models. Entity selection has been enhanced with direct access to polygon picking with a Ctrl+Shift keyboard shortcut, as well as text-based filtering for more efficient selection of titled entities.



  • Improves productivity with flexible and interactive model display and grouping
  • Speeds up analysis model definition with improved analysis setup workflows
  • Easier to post-process composite structural models
  • Easier to manage combination load and constraint sets
  • Reduces disk space overhead with geometry-intensive models
  • Extends post-processing functionality


New Features

  • Interactive multi-group display with combination groups
  • Interactive element and FE model entity display
  • Enhanced Analysis Manager and internal job queuing facility
  • Enhanced Load and Constraint Set Managers and combination sets
  • Support for global composite ply
  • Support for 2D tensor plot
  • Load and constraint enhancements including new torque load option


CAM Express - Version 7.5


CAM Express 7.5 is a full function, CAD neutral, NC programming system that is easy to deploy and increases productivity in machining. CAM Express 7.5 establishes a new standard for CAM software capability, with substantial advances in 5 axis machining, feature-based automation and user experience. New for CAM Express 7.5 is an advanced 5 axis milling capability for turbomachinery components, such as blisks, impellers, fans, etc. Special roughing, blade finishing and hub finishing operations are provided, with specific geometry selections for hubs and blades that streamline the process and provide effective, efficient 5 axis tool paths. CAM Express ensures safe 5 axis motions between the blades. Feature based machining is now provided for hole making, milling, turning, and wire edm processes.

Additional updates include:

  • Interactive programming control provides rapid tool path creation and adjustment with a “virtual jog mode” interaction.
  • Parallel tool path processing dramatically reduces wait times and fully utilizes multi-core computing systems.
  • Improved cut patterns for rest milling of uncut valleys produce better finish and maintain tool life
  • Feed rate optimization automatically analyzes tool loading and adjusts feed rates for uniform material removal
  • Sinumerik spline output is available for suitably equipped controllers.

CAM Express 7.5 provides substantial new capabilities across the NC programming environment.