Microsoft Office Mail Merge Procedure For Sending E-mails

Microsoft Office provides a nice option to send automatic and custom emails to a group of recipients with custom names, greetings etc. I have explained the step by step procedure to set up your first mail merge.

Following are the steps:

  • Start your “office outlook” connected and running in your computer.

  • Prepare a list of email addresses in excel sheet.

  • Open MS word.

  • Click on Mailings tab.

  • Click on “select recipients” and choose “use existing list”

  • Select the excel file you created for email ids.

  • Click on “Start mail merge” and select “letters” option.

  • Compose your message in MS Word itself.

  • You can use “Insert Merge Field” option to choose excel filelds like greeting, recipient name etc. Names will change for individual recipients to create an appearance like it is a custom mail rather than group mail.

  • Click on “Finish & Merge”.

  • Choose “Send email messages” option.

  • In the “to” field, select email format from the drop down list.

  • Enter the subject line.

  • Click OK, your emails will be sent one after the other from your outlook email account.

These steps are written for Microsoft Office 2007. More or less it will be similar for Office 2003 also, let me know if you need any more help.