Engineering Services Outsourcing

The whole world is under tremendous financial pressure these days. Everyone is fearing now to invest huge capital on new projects. The Automotive sector is undergoing recession now especially in North America. The financial trouble of Big 3 (General Motors, Ford Motors and Chrysler Motors) is very discouraging for the entire mechanical engineering community. Most Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 suppliers, service providers and sub-contractors will be affected by this. The automotve sales are dropped by over 30% this year compared to same quarter last year.

Most companies are declaring holidays, forcing employees to apply leaves, cutting-down production etc. However, the new product development, Research & Development activities cannot be stopped completely. So is the case for engineering changes and revisions. Thus companies should identify alternate sources to perform their activities at lower prices. Outsourcing is the best solution to overcome this problem.

Outsourcing Engineering Services is little difficult compared to other services. Following are the critial aspects in finding a competent service provider:

  • Technical skills

  • Commitment

  • Regular Communication

  • Infrastructure and facilities to deliver the tasks on-time

  • Cost competitiveness

There are very few companies in the world to handle the projects with above qualifications. Before awarding projects, the client is advised to check the portfolio and testimonials of the service provider and visit the facility if possible.