As a dynamic Engineering Consultant, Jytra Engineering Services constantly look for talented professionals to work in our research oriented global engineering design environment. Our employees get a chance to work on varied range of projects which include New Product Development, Prototype Building, Tool Design, Value Engineering, Design Automation, CAD Customization, HVAC Drawings, Process & Instrumentation Diagrams, Legacy Migration, Application Development etc. Our engineers must be very flexible to work on diffrent kinds of projects, software tools and at different locations. We recruit young engineers with good analytical skills, sharp grasping, attention to detail, practical interpretation etc.

Jytra Engineering Services offers challenging career to its employees and provides equal opportunity for each individual. We do not entertain non-professional factors like race, religion, region, nationality, language etc. among our employees. We do not collect any such information from our employees at any point of time. Talent, sincerity and dedication are the important factors for career growth.

Interested to work in our challenging and competitive work environment? Please submit your Professional Profile in below form. We request for detailed resume if your profile matches our requirement.