Value Engineering & Value Analysis Training

Jytra Engineering Services is a leading solutions provider operating from Hyderabad, India since 2006. We have been offering various value added services to our global clients for the past four consecutive years.

Jytra Engineers has extensive experience in mechanical engineering domain and offer various corporate and commercial training programs across India. Jytra is a leader in provide Value Engineering Solutions and training.

Here are the major topics we cover during Value Engineering & Value Analysis (VA/VE) training program:

- Introduction
- Value Engineering
- Value Management & Applications
- Creative Thinking
- Reasons for Poor Value
- FAST Techniques
- VE Job Plan
- Value Engineering Phases
- Orientation Phase
- Information Phase
- Function Analysis Phase
- Creative Phase
- Idea Generation & Brainstorming Phase
- Pugh Matrix
- Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking
- Cost estimation
- Application of DFMA Software
- Tooling Considerations
- Rapid Prototyping Techniques
- Soft Tooling
- Evaluation Phase
- Product Testing
- The Team
- Recommendation Phase
- Implementation Phase
- Audit Phase
- Case Studies
- Evaluation
- Review

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