15 Unigraphics NX Cam Training

Along with other popular CAD training programs, Jytra Engineering Services is offering the high competency CAM training in Unigraphics NX software. As you may aware, Unigraphics CAM is the top range software for 3 axis and 5 axis CNC Programming.

Jytra Engineering Services has over three years of experience in Unigraphics CAM module to conduct the training program very effectively. The key faculty has worked in India and USA on CNC machines for various components.

Here are the broad topics of Unigraphics NX training:

  •  Introduction
  •  What is CAM?
  •  Principles of Metal cutting
  •  Geometry Creation
  •  Cutting Tool Creation
  •  Cutting Tool Selection
  •  Machining Strategies
  •  Cutter path generation
  •  Checking for Gouging
  •  Checking tool collisions
  •  Application of Coolants
  •  3 axis & 5 axis programs
  •  Generation of CLSF
  •  Post processing
  •  Digital simulation
  •  Machining Time
  •  Part support techniques


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